Spoon Doll ~ Fantasy Figure

Hildi, a 22" spoon doll by Studio Willich

Here's a great tutorial from Studio Willich showing how they make spoon dolls (updated).   Spoon dolls are simply sculptures that start out with a wooden spoon as armature, as shown below.   I don't often feature polymer clay tutorials that have to be converted to use air-dry clay, but
this happens to be such a cute and clever tutorial, we can ignore the fact that it's polymer clay!  ;-)  You'll also learn about making armatures and realistic fingernails!

A few tips about using air-dry clay with this tutorial:
  • Don't bake!  Otherwise you can follow steps as shown with very little adjustment.
  • Start with pre-tinted flesh tone clay.  Let it air-dry until firm before doing any rubbing of accent colors.
  • You could probably use a glue like Aleene's Tacky Glue wheb gluing the water-soluble air-dry clays instead of needing to use epoxy.   Experiment. 
  • You probably still need epoxy to glue spring to spoon but, as an alternative, you could glue a lump of scrap clay or a piece of Styrofoam to the spoon as a base for building the face.
  • Don't forgot to read the bonus tutorial for creating fingernails shown at the top of Studio Willich page.

Click here for WIP photos of Hildi (doll shown at top).  

Here are examples of more spoon dolls, Eyke and Scribe



  1. What a cutie! I will have to try this!

  2. Oh my word,this little guy darling.I know I can't make it but makes me smile when I look at it,great job,& Thank's

    1. Sure you can make it! There's some very good step-by-step instructions! Give it a try!


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