How to Make a Mermaid Balancing Toy

Remember those vintage toys that would balance one part off another part in a seemingly impossible way?  Today you will learn how to make one.  This pretty mermaid balancing on a wave was made by Tori West using Delight clay.  Step by step balancing toy pattern and tutorial is here.  

Delight is a lightweight modeling compound from the makers of Creative Paperclay.  Creative Paperclay would probably also be a good choice for this project, if you happen to have some around.  The 'wave' part needs to be stable, so you could use a heavier clay (like DAS) for that part if you had some and something different for mermaid (maybe cold porcelain).  You'll also need some cardboard, double-sided tape, and a couple of those flat back glass gems (used here as weights).


  1. This is so cute! I bet you could use this as a starting place for many types of swinging toys too. Thank you!

    1. I agree. Nice tutorial. Something different. I want to make some for the kids based on cartoon characters


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