Creating an Art Doll, Olga style, Pt. 5 of 7: Making the Props

Painted doll at end of Part 4
In this multi-part art doll demonstration, Olga Egupets shows us her techniques from start to finish, demonstrating armatures, modeling faces, body parts and props, painting, wigging and creating clothing. When making her dolls, Olga uses a variety of materials, including air dry clays such as Creative Paperclay, LaDoll, Plastiform, Efaplast etc.

This is Part 5 of 7.  Please go here for Parts 1 and 2.  Part 3 is here and Part 4 is here.

Sewing machine and thread spools made with air-dry clay
In Part 5, with the majority of the doll finished, Olga returns to working on the stool/ottoman, which is made of clay but looks like wood.  A cushion may be added to this later.  She also creates a sewing machine and other props using Formo air-dry clay (which is probably a little softer and less expensive than LaDoll, which she used for sculpting face).   All items are left to cure and dry before painting and then assembled, adding some wire parts.

While explaining some details, she shows off another one her dolls, the shoemaker.  Quite the character!  Lots of handmade props for him!

These videos are in Russian but are easy to follow without the narration. A "captions" feature is available for each video for those that don't speak Russian. If you want to view the captions, mute the sound and then click on (CC) for "Captions".     First, click OK for Russian to get it started and then select TRANSLATE, scroll to select your language. The captions are helpful but, like all computerized translations, expect to find a number of errors.

This is where we're heading!
This is finished doll holding the little black dress she has just sewn for herself!

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