Creating an Art Doll, Olga style, Pt. 6 of 7: Making the Clothes

Finished doll

In this multi-part art doll demonstration, Olga Egupets shows us her techniques from start to finish, demonstrating armatures, modeling faces, body parts and props, painting, wigging and creating clothing. When making her dolls, Olga uses a variety of materials, including air dry clays such as Creative Paperclay, LaDoll, Plastiform, Efaplast etc.   This doll has a sewing machine on her lap because she has just finished sewing herself a little black dress. This is Part 6 of 7, 'Making the Clothing'.

In this video, Olga demonstrates her techniques for dressing the doll and making the shoes.  

These videos are in Russian but are easy to follow without the narration. A "captions" feature is available for each video for those that don't speak Russian. If you want to view the captions, mute the sound and then click on (CC) for "Captions". First, click OK for Russian to get it started and then select TRANSLATE, scroll to select your language. The captions are helpful but, like all computerized translations, expect to find a number of errors.

In the next and final segment, Olga will finish up her doll by adding a hairdo using needle felting techniques and creating a decorative display base.


  1. Thanks for posting this on the egroup and here - really enjoyed watching Olga's works. Do you happen to know what she uses as sealant/fixative - it seems she only sprayed in on the face, so I'm also wondering if you're only suppose to seal it where you used powdered chalk/pastels, or all over the body? Also do you think sheetrock would be a good replacement what she used to fill in the styro before the actual air dry clay? Saw youtube videos of sheetrock sculptors and the results were pretty amazing! So many questions, I'm still experimenting on air dry clay. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi, I always a sealant on my air dry clay projects. It protects the paint or pastels and also makes any dirty fingerprints that happen to get on there easier to remove. There's lots of choices for sealants, some made for clay, some made for tole painting. I prefer a matte acrylic spray sealant. Sometimes I will use a brush-on gloss sealant for eyes and lips. I've never tried using sheetrock paste on dolls. I'd be afraid it'd be brittle and crack. I use an instant paper mache (powder) as an inexpensive filler.

    2. What does she use over the armature to make the body smooth? I know LaDoll is the hands, feet and face but the body?

  2. Thanks for the post, she is a great artist.


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