Creating an Art Doll, Olga style, Pt. 7 of 7: Wig & Base

In this multi-part art doll demonstration, we've been following Olga Egupets as she shows us her techniques for making armatures, modeling faces, body parts and props, painting the doll and creating clothing.  This is Part 7, the final video in the series.  Olga finishes her doll by adding a wig using needle-felting techniques and wool roving.  Then she creates a leather-look display base from wood and paper and the doll with her new black dress is done!

If you've stumbled on these finishing steps before seeing the rest of the tutorial, please find all the steps here: 

These videos are in Russian but are easy to follow without the narration. A "captions" feature is available for each video for those that don't speak Russian. If you want to view the captions, mute the sound and then click on (CC) for "Captions". First, click OK for Russian to get it started and then select TRANSLATE, scroll to select your language. The captions are helpful but, like all computerized translations, expect to find a number of errors.



  1. Thank you for taking the time to share and interpret these videos. These are awesome tutorials!

  2. Thank you for sharing this! Learned so much =)


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