Head Modeling Demo by Guilherme Pires

Guilherme Pires is a clay artist from Brazil who creates the cutest clown figures and one-of-a-kind character dolls from homemade cold porcelain.  In the following video, Guilherme shows us how he models the head and face of his figures.  First he models a girls face then changes it to a male face.  Next he ages the features and then...watch and see!

Guilherme says the secret to success is to model faster and to practice forming the clay in just the right spot.  
Visit his blog at http://guibonecos.blogspot.com/.



  1. Sua habilidade é espantosamente fantástica.
    Meus parabéns, Guilherme! Muito, muito bom!

  2. Gui é um artista e tanto, congratulations !

  3. Magic hands so talented a gift from heaven, use them well and look after them!

  4. WOW ! I really enjoyed watching that ! Brilliant ! : )


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