Apr 6, 2015

Sculpting a Small BJD Head in Paperclay

Today we have a video demo from ShirwillJack showing how to sculpt a small BJD* head (hollow).  She refers to this as a "paperclay" tutorial but in dialog says she is using "Premier" (LaDoll) clay.  They are both air-dry but not exactly the same.  "Premier" is a stone clay, not paperclay.  However, "Creative Paperclay" works well for modeling BJDs and is frequently used by doll artists.  This is a good example of using the "add-on" method for sculpting with air-dry clay, where wet clay is applied to dry clay (re-moistened).  If you think you have to rush with air-dry clay, think again.  Note:  You might want to pause video in the speeded up segments.  Sometimes it's just a little too speedy to see what's happening!

Feb 12, 2015

Be My Valentine

Gloriann Irizarry (byglori.com) says: lets celebrate Valentine's Day   "....with a special Be Mine Valentine 3D wall art canvas.   Using my Black cat Romeo has an inspiration I created this OOAK Be Mine Card in a canvas using the Creative Paperclay to sculpted 3D and make it literally pop out of the canvas."  Click here for step by step photo tutorial.

Feb 11, 2015

Easter Bunny Tutorial

Step by step photo demo to make this Balancing Bunny cake topper from Rouvelee's Creations. Uses Styrofoam balls for body armature and Styrofoam eggs covered in clay.  Fondant was used here but cold porcelain or any of the softer types of air dry clay would be suitable.

Sep 1, 2014

How to Model the Head of a Doll or Figure

Today we have another demonstration in a series of instructional videos from Marisol Romero about cold porcelain. Marisol Romero is a cold porcelain artist from Argentina, where this medium is very popular.

Many air-dry clay projects call for Styrofoam shapes as armatures for figure modeling  In the following video, while at a craft show, Marisol shows us how to wrap a foam ball and model the head of a doll or figure.  She also demonstrates her method for creating eyes, which are normally painted on.

Jul 19, 2014

Make a Little Clay Chair


Here's something different.   Make this clay chair following this step by step photo tutorial. Create in 1/12 scale for your dollhouse or make it a bit larger for your clay figures or dolls to sit on.  The only tools needed are regular or homemade cutters to shape the seat and chairback; some toothpicks to reinforce the legs and chairback; and something to score a pattern on the faux-turned legs..  Of course, you'll also need some paint to decorate your chair!


Jul 13, 2014

Make a Ballerina Doll

Clay used in this tutorial is a soft air-dry clay such as Makin's Clay, Deco Clay or Cold Porcelain.  Some white, a small amount that's been tinted pink, and a larger quantity tinted flesh.
  1. Cut a strip of pink clay for bodice.  Tool shown is a fondant cutting and embossing tool with changeable blades for creating different textures.  It's inexpensive and works well with the soft clay.
  2. Use circle cutter to cut white circle.  This will be undergarment.
  3. For head, wrap a foam ball with flesh clay, starting with a ball of clay about same size as foam ball. 
  4. For torso, wrap a foam ball with flesh clay, starting with a ball of clay about twice the size as foam ball and shaping clay into a teardrop shape.
  5. Roll 2 flesh colored logs for legs.  Set aside to dry until needed.
  6. Wrap white circle cut in step 2 around bottom of torso and add texture.
  7. Roll 2 more flesh colored logs for arms.  Flatten ends for hand and use scissors to cut a notch that will create thumb.  Set aside to dry until needed.
  8. Attach legs to body in sitting position.  Use white glue if needed to hold in place.  
  9. Wrap pink bodice made in step 1 around top of torso.
  10. Make shoes from pink and white as shown in photo and attach to leg.  Strengthen joint with piece of toothpick and a little glue.
  11. Make a tutu from pink fabric and wrap around torso.  Stitch to hold secure.
  12. Attach head.   Strengthen joint with piece of toothpick and a little glue.
  13. Attach arms.  
  14. Let doll dry and cure until OK to handle without damage.
  15. Glue yarn or string onto head.   Trim for cute hairdo.
  16. Make a bow from clay and glue to top of head.
  17. Use acrylics to paint eyes, lashes and mouth.   Use powder to blush the cheeks.
  18. Use a dot tool and white acrylic paint to place dots in eyes, on cheeks and all over bow and bodice and you're done!