Apr 30, 2015

How To Use Face Push Mold

In the following video, talented clay artist Maureen Carlson shows us how to use her 3-inch face push molds using polymer clay, air-dry clay and other clay compounds.  Follow along as she shows you how to create a multitude of different faces by using simple sculpting techniques. The finishing details are added with acrylic paints. You can purchase Maureen's molds at WeeFolk.com.  Sculpey and other companies also make push molds.


Apr 27, 2015

How to Sculpt a Realistic Polar Bear

Learn how to sculpt this great little polar bear with this video from Mont Marte Joe, the enthusiastic host of an Australian TV show.  Demo contains a lot of great tips for modeling with air-dry clay, however it doesn't show how much kneading he did.  Although a lot of kneading is not required with air-dry clay like it is with polymer clay, some kneading will help condition the clay and prevent cracks.   Joe is using white Mont Marte Air Hardening Clay to sculpt his bear. That brand of clay is available in Australia and India and probably places in between.

Apr 6, 2015

Sculpting a Small BJD Head in Paperclay

Today we have a video demo from ShirwillJack showing how to sculpt a small BJD* head (hollow).  She refers to this as a "paperclay" tutorial but in dialog says she is using "Premier" (LaDoll) clay.  They are both air-dry but not exactly the same.  "Premier" is a stone clay, not paperclay.  However, "Creative Paperclay" works well for modeling BJDs and is frequently used by doll artists.  This is a good example of using the "add-on" method for sculpting with air-dry clay, where wet clay is applied to dry clay (re-moistened).  If you think you have to rush with air-dry clay, think again.  Note:  You might want to pause video in the speeded up segments.  Sometimes it's just a little too speedy to see what's happening!

Feb 12, 2015

Be My Valentine

Gloriann Irizarry (byglori.com) says: lets celebrate Valentine's Day   "....with a special Be Mine Valentine 3D wall art canvas.   Using my Black cat Romeo has an inspiration I created this OOAK Be Mine Card in a canvas using the Creative Paperclay to sculpted 3D and make it literally pop out of the canvas."  Click here for step by step photo tutorial.

Feb 11, 2015

Easter Bunny Tutorial

Step by step photo demo to make this Balancing Bunny cake topper from Rouvelee's Creations. Uses Styrofoam balls for body armature and Styrofoam eggs covered in clay.  Fondant was used here but cold porcelain or any of the softer types of air dry clay would be suitable.

Sep 1, 2014

How to Model the Head of a Doll or Figure

Today we have another demonstration in a series of instructional videos from Marisol Romero about cold porcelain. Marisol Romero is a cold porcelain artist from Argentina, where this medium is very popular.

Many air-dry clay projects call for Styrofoam shapes as armatures for figure modeling  In the following video, while at a craft show, Marisol shows us how to wrap a foam ball and model the head of a doll or figure.  She also demonstrates her method for creating eyes, which are normally painted on.