Cold Porcelain

Cold porcelain mouse by Jorge Rubicce

Cold Porcelain is a self-hardening, air-dry clay that can be purchased ready-made or made at home from simple ingredients.  Cold Porcelain is not an actual 'porcelain', but, when dried, the finish becomes opaque and porcelain-like. The 'cold' refers to the fact that it does not have to be baked or fired to cure.  Items made with cold porcelain dry hard and durable.   The most popular things to make with cold porcelain are realistic flowers and cute cartoon-style figures such as the mouse shown above. Cold porcelain is very versatile and suitable for modeling small or large.   I've seen some cold porcelain figures that are quite large...from a foot to 2 feet tall.

Cold Porcelain is comprised of cornstarch, glue and other ingredients that are heated together to make a paste (clay).  There are a variety of different recipes for making cold porcelain at home.   The ingredients are mixed into a paste which is then heated in microwave or on a stovetop.   It just takes a few minutes.   Cold Porcelain can also be purchased as a ready-made paste.  The ready-made cold porcelain is extremely popular and readily available in South America but not as common in other countries...not yet anyway...popularity is growing fast!

Please visit my other blog "Cold Porcelain Tutorials" and check the RECIPES page.  There you'll find a variety of cold porcelain recipes and video demos.   Cold Porcelain Tutorials is full of  tips and step-by-step demonstrations for making cute figures and other projects with cold porcelain.  Because clay flowers are often made with cold porcelain AND with many other air-dry clays,  you'll find CP tutorials for creating  flowers and figures on both blogs.

Cold Porcelain Tutorials


  1. Thanks for posting! I am a crafter with all types of clay,and I really wanted to try Cold Porcelain,so yeah. I didn't like Polymer clay because you had to bake it...

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