I am posting a heads-up to all followers that I may have to change my domain name...which means a new web address for

I have always used GoDaddy to register my domain names but will never do that again in the future.   Because GoDaddy's prices kept going up, I decided a month ago to give another domain registrar a try. Well....that change hasn't happened yet.   I cannot get GoDaddy and it's Domain by Proxy to release my domain name for the transfer.   They keep coming up with "requests for more information" to prove that I am me and have authority to make this change.

Like I said, this has gone on for a month so far and, in the process, has expired.   The domain is in the "grace period" right now, so it'll continue to work for a short while.   A very short while, because GoDaddy wants $80 to re-instate the domain name.   That's extortion and I won't pay it.   It's their fault I can't get my renewal processed!!!   So....the result of all this is that I will be getting a DIFFERENT domain name!   I will post it here as soon as I have it confirmed.

I may or may not decide to get a new custom domain name.   The correct web address to use when stops working is


  1. Wow, what an ordeal! I used Go Daddy a long time ago, but let it go when that endeavor was finished. At the time I'd found them reasonable and easy to use. When I went back for a different website, the changes they'd made completely overwhelmed me--I gave up and got my $$ back, but it took a while. Two years later, they charged me for an automatic renewal!

    Good luck with the different domain name, and I'll be sure to follow the blogspot address.

  2. Hi Jan, That's quite a story you tell. I sure hope you got a refund! I've been with GoDaddy over 10 years and that makes me extra upset with this current hassle they're putting me through. I'm just going to let expire and to heck with them! ;-)


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