How to Use a Doll Face Push Mold

Baby Face "Scarecrow" Doll by Jorge Rubicce
In this video from the South American TV show "Bienvenidas" (Welcome), Jorge Rubicce demonstrates the proper method for using his doll face push molds.    Rubicce is a well-known cold porcelain clay artist and is designer of these molds, which are much larger than the doll push molds
commonly found in USA (such as those designed for polymer clay).  These molds are commonly found in South America (where air-dry clay is extremely popular) but not so in USA.     If anyone reading this is a supplier of cold porcelain molds and is located in USA or will ship to USA at reasonable cost, please leave a comment with this post directing us to your website.

An alternative to purchasing this type of doll face mold is to make your own with a product such as Amazing Mold Putty or Sculpey Moldmaker .   Of course, first you have to sculpt a doll face to use as the original before creating mold.  We have lots of tutorials in our Air Dry Clay Directory for sculpting faces such as this cold porcelain tutorial for a basic cute face.

If you don't understand the language, just mute the video and follow along visually.   In his demonstration, Rubicce starts with a large ball of cold porcelain (CP) formed into cone.  The tools he shows at beginning are used to detail the facial expression after un-molding, if desired.  With a scrap of clay, Rubicce then shows the desired thickness of CP that should be used.  Next he dusts the mold with powder (probably baby powder or corn starch) before pushing CP into mold, shaping to fill mold to desired thickness without exceeding mold height.  After de-molding is when you'd custom shape the facial expression.   The face is set aside to dry until fully cured.  (Which he shows by banging the head on table..LOL)   A ball of Styrofoam  is used to shape back of head.  Glue head to foam.   Some trimming of foam ball is probably necessary to create doll head as shown.

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