Lacey Decorated Bowl

Supplies needed to make this decorative air-dry clay bowl include tool for rolling out clay to flat sheet, lace or doily for embossing, a bowl to use as a mold, acrylic paint in color of your choice, a top coat/sealer and, of
course, some air-dry clay.  Efaplast (a German brand of ADC) is shown here, but Creative Paperclay and many other brands would work as well.

Step 1.  Smooth out a uniform piece of clay large enough to fit in bowl mold.
Step 2.  Emboss clay with piece of lace or crocheted doily.  Design is offset to one side as shown.  Trim to a cirle (use bowl as guide).
Step 3.  Lay gently in bowl mold.
Step 4.  Let dry overnight or longer if needed.
Step 5.  Once completely dry, sand to smooth finish if desired and then paint.  Multiple thin layers of paint usually give a finer finish than one thick layer.
Step 6.  To protect the bowl from moisture, it is recommended that a clear sealer be used to finish.

(Caution:  Not suitable for food.  Do not use as candy dish or for other edibles.)


  1. beautiful, can I also use this with cold porcelain, or sugar paste.
    Thank you

  2. Hi Marg, I don't see why it wouldn't work with CP or sugarpaste. There's just limitations to keep in mind for how it's used. CP could be sealed with a varnish and used for trinkets (not food) but sugarpaste would be decorative only. It'd be neat to have a bowl filled with real flowers on top of a cake, wouldn't it! (no water though...LOL)


Thank you very much for taking the time to comment! ;-)