Divine Decadence Stump Doll

This gorgeous stump doll was created by Arley Berryhill.  It is made of Creative Paperclay and covered in fabric and other embellishments.  A "stump doll" has a solid body....no legs.   Sculpting details are concentrated above the waist and lower body is usually covered by skirt.   The body of a stump doll is often molded around a candlestick or bottle or something else that stands easily by itself.

"Divine Decadence" is a cloth stump doll and stands 22" tall. The facemask is cast in Paperclay and covered in knit fabric with glass eyes and polymer teeth.  The artist has kindly provided step-by-step photos of the work in progress so you can see how he did it and be inspired to create your own stump doll with Paperclay.

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