Doll Shoe Week: Bunny Slippers

I made these bunny slippers a couple years ago for a cloth doll.   They're glued on.   But there's no reason they can't be made for a clay doll or made as removable slippers.    Here's how I made this pair.

White felt
Pink felt or fabric or paint
Small piece of white lightweight sheepskin fabric or something fuzzy
Pink embroidery floss
2 tiny black beads
Small piece of cardboard (cereal box will do)


  1. Trace dolls foot to create pattern for sole of slippers.  (Make it slightly larger than doll's foot).
  2. Use pattern to cut 2 slipper soles out of white felt and 1 out of thin cardboard...for each foot!
  3. Cardboard will create stiffness and stability for the sole.  Sandwich the cardboard between the 2 pieces of felt and glue all 3 pieces together.  Make one sole for each foot and set aside to dry.
  4. Cut a circle of sheepskin fabric large enough to wrap around toe of doll's foot.   Cut circle in half to create toe section for each slipper with the half circle.
  5. Free form cut 4 bunny ears from white felt...2 for each slipper. Glue pink 'insides' to each ear using a sliver of pink felt for each or a piece of fabric.  Lacking either one of those you could always paint the inner ear pink.
  6. Glue 2 ears to center of straight edge of each slipper toe.
  7. Fit toe of slipper to dolls foot.  Wrap excess fabric around foot and glue to bottom of foot.   Trim excess if needed.
  8. Glue slipper sole made in steps 1-3 to bottom of each foot, covering fabric edges from step 7.
  9. Glue or stitch 2 black beads to toe of each slipper for bunny's eyes.
  10. Satin stitch a triangle with pink floss to create bunny nose on each slipper.
All done!   This is original doll that slippers were made for.....Auntie Marion!


  1. So cutee!!!!!!Do you have tutorials on doll making. This doll is adorable!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you very much Anon. Just air-dry clay doll-making tutorials are posted here (some of them are combined with cloth bodies though). The pattern for this doll was made up as I went, but you can find lots of great cloth doll patterns at


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