Pastel Birds Table Decor

Yesterday we featured a Whimsical Hen tutorial using FimoAir Basic in Terra Cotta.  This air-dry clay is also available as FimoAir Light and a few other formulas (see our ADC Brands page).   The FimoAir Basic is a heavy clay similar to DAS and the FimoAir Light, I'm told, is lighter and softer, similar to Hearty Clay.  Today we're sharing a PDF tutorial from Fimo which features these cute, stylized birds created with FimoAir Light.  

These small birds are lightweight and hollow and are created with a technique that utilizes plastic bread bags as a temporary armature.    They could also be created using a Styrofoam egg armature as shown in the Whimsical Hen tutorial or, vice versa, the chickens could be made as a hollow form using the methods described in today's tutorial!

Twitter bird coloring!
I hope you enjoy this quick and easy tutorial to create these artistic table decorations.   The suggestion contained in the tutorial to use them as dinner party placeholders is a great idea!  Or make one as a business card holder with bird holding your card in his beak....possibly a Twitter bird!  ;-)

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