Shoe Week: High Heel Platform Shoe for Dolls

Shoes for American Model

Make these platform sandals from foamcore, cardstock, air-dry clay, metal pipe, fabric and 'buckle'.  The shoes shown in photo were designed to fit fashion dolls by Tarja Simpanen .   Using the tips from yesterday's tutorial for designing your own shoes, you can adjust design to fit the foot of your own doll.   You might also choose a platform that's not quite so high!  ;-)

Here's another tip I just came across.   Tarja mentions in this tutorial that she doesn't think the doll will be able to stand up and balance with these high platform shoes....but try this possible solution.   Embed a strong magnet in the platform and doll should be able to stand on a base made of metal.  Or just create a sitting doll showing off her lovely shoes! LOL

Because there's a large percentage of air-dry clay fans who like to create dolls...human figures and fantasy figures....we're having a "Shoe Week".   There's many ways you can model a figure but one thing they all have in common is the need for shoes!   You can always sculpt any kind of shoe with your favorite clay, but sometimes we like to have a fabric or leather shoe!    All tutorials featured this week will be devoted to crafting shoes for dolls of all sizes and shapes, removable and non-removable.

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