Apple Earrings, Charms and Magnets

Gosh!  It's September already!   In our town that means back to school for the kids.   Here's some gift ideas for a teacher.   An apple for the teacher in the form of clay charms, earrings, pendants or magnets.  

This tutorial from Roudi shows how to make a tiny apple charm from air-dry clay (shown above) and also includes how-to tips for tinting clay and a recipe for making some homemade clay from simple ingredients.    Don't be put off by page title that says "polymer clay recipe"'s a no-bake clay recipe!

Here's some photo inspiration for making apple earrings, charms and keychains.


This next tutorial creates cute apple magnets from wood button shapes....but you could make some just like this from air-dry clay.  The upcycled mint tin for storing magnets is a clever touch!

not quite a bushel


  1. I just discovered your blog. I'd love to learn how to craft miniatures from air dry
    clay. Thanks for sharing your tutorials.
    Hugs, Drora

  2. I've been searching for a Translucent Air Dry No Cook Cold Porcelain Clay Recipe?
    I would greatly appreciate it!

    1. i would like it as well.. do you know where it is on this page.. they said it would have a link on this page?

    2. You can find a number of recipes on our cold porcelain tab.
      Number 3 is the no-cooking needed version. It is naturally translucent unless you add pigment. Once you add the red that these earrings call for, it probably won't be translucent any longer. There's no other CP link on this page but the tutorial for the earrings describes another no-cook cold porcelain recipe.


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