Make a Miniature Succulent Plant

Miniature Succulent Plant Tutorial from Blue Kitty Minis.
These are scaled for dollhouse miniatures, but you could always make the plants a bit larger if you want to make an arrangement for your side table!

Materials needed:
Air-dry clay in color(s) of choice
Talcum powder or other preferred powder to prevent sticking
Artists pastels, petal dust or other powders (optional for coloring tips of leaves)

Tools needed:
Flower cutter (for this I used a small daisy, other flowers and sizes produce different plants)
Ball ended tool or blunt pointed tool.
Paintbrush with fairly short stiff bristles
Pasta machine or clay rolling pin to roll clay to even thickness

This is written as a polymer clay tutorial but the process will be the same for air-dry with 2 exceptions.
(1) Don't Bake.  Let air dry to cure.
(2) You won't need Fimo Deko Gel or other translucent liquid clay.  In step 7 where it says "Add a small amount of liquid clay in center hole", use glue instead.   Any kind of white glue that dries clear can be used to attach center clump of leaves.   You don't have to wait for the ADC to cure to use the glue.

Petal Dust, Color Sets A and B (also available in single colors)

If you need some petal cutters, this plastic set from Wilton is relatively inexpensive.


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  1. I can't find this tutorial. I get a site that says it's Blue Kitty Minis+, but it's not in a language I comprehend or recognize.


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