Very Easy Jointed Doll Tutorial

This is a short photo tutorial from a Russian website for a string-jointed doll (wire is actually used).  No translation is needed as there is no text.   Writer doesn't say what kind of clay is used but this looks to me like a perfect project for Creative Paperclay.   Because the doll is simplified and stylized, just about any sort of clay with any level of detail would be suitable.   Some of the completed dolls shown have a sculpted face and some are just round balls with painted features.    The choice is yours!   Great beginners project....enjoy!


  1. I love them both! And thank you so very much for the tutorial to share with me and others!:)

  2. Thank you for sharing this link! Just in this days I have been working my first full body paperclay doll, with pearl jointed arms and legs. How often are this a little bit difficulter than pictures talk, which I have seen of dollmakers blogs. Sending greetings from Germany - Erika


Thank you very much for taking the time to comment! ;-)