Easy Roses to Make with Clay

Here's a step by step photo tutorial for making roses.   It was written for a gumpaste cake topper but the technique is exactly the same for air-dry clay.  However, for clay flowers you can use glue, wire and other inedible products that probably wouldn't be used with gumpaste creations.

Usually the best air-dry clays to use for making flowers are the softer formulas like DecoClay, Hearty Clay, Martha Stewart's Claycraft and similar clays which are often sold pre-colored.  Cold porcelain is also great for making flowers.   I love the idea shown here of using spoon to shape the petals.

 Step 2 shows thinning the petal edges using a ball-end tool on a layer of foam.
Step 4 shows wrapping the petals around a pre-formed ball or teardrop shape attached to a wire or stick.  You could also use a small Styrofoam ball.
Step 3 and a few other steps seem to be missing from this info graphic, but I think you'll do OK.


  1. gorgeous roses looks stunning thanks for the tuts

  2. T_T i just found this amazing blog today T_T
    master T_T teach me.... T_T
    i am so hopeless with baked clay.... T_T all clays are going balck T_T
    i think air dry clay better for me T_T

  3. Very pretty roses, I’m so glad I found this! Is there any alternative for the ball-end tool?


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