How to Make a Clay Butterfly

This tutorial creates lacey butterflies using cookie cutters for shape and other implements to cut lacey holes.   This is actually a gumpaste tutorial from cake artist Nurainie Tan, but the steps would be exactly the same for creating these sweet butterflies from Creative Paperclay, cold porcelain or any other air dry clay that is easy to roll into a flat sheet.  You can skip the step where she dusts
butterfly with cornflower/sugar because your clay will probably not stick to the paper.   The finished product is shown above where Nurainie has dusted them with Luster Dust for color.  Butterflies may also be left white or, if made of clay and not being used as a cake decoration, painted with acrylics (after dried) or dusted with crushed pastel chalks (before drying).   I think a grouping of these would make great wall art!

You can purchase a Butterfly Cookie Cutter or make one yourself if you want something larger!    See posts at The New Clay News for Making Your Own Cutters and a video with Free Cutting Tool Ideas.


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