Cute Critter Week ~ Bluebird Tutorial

Finishing our week of creating cute and uncomplicated critters with a step-by-step bluebird photo tutorial from  "Treehouse Cakes".   Again, one of the softer clays or cold porcelain would probably be a good choice to use for this but just about any clay (or fondant) would do.

Start with a blue teardrop shape large enough for the body, a ball for the head and 2 teardrop shapes that will become wings.  With golden-yellow clay, shape 3 balls into beak and feet.

Use ball tool to indent large blue teardrop to shape a tail as shown.  Attach head.  Use a piece of toothpick between head and body for strength.  Moisten joined area with a little water or dab of white glue.  Attach wings to each side.  If clay won't stick to itself by moistening with a little water, use a dab of glue.

Attach beak and feet.  Add 2 back beads (or balls of black clay) for eyes.  Use needle tool to poke 2 nostrils in beak and to draw 'feather' lines in tail and wings.  Also draw 2 tiny eyebrows and poke a few dots in each cheek.  Lastly, shape a few topknot feathers and glue to top of head or use needle tool to push topknot into head.


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