Cute Critter Week ~ Bulldog Tutorial

Let's continue our week full of cute and uncomplicated critter tutorials with a step-by-step pudgy Bulldog.   One of the softer clays or cold porcelain would probably be a good choice to use for this.

1.  Roll a ball, flatten one side, imress a nose wrinkle.
2. Make a pancake shape for lower jaw.
3. Indent for eyes.
4, 5. Add brown 'patch'.
6. Add balls of black clay for eyes & nose.
7, 8. Paint reflection dots on eyes.
9. Add clay for eyelids and ears.
10. Make this shape for body.
11. Cut to make 2 forelegs.  Shape rest as hind legs.
12. Place head on body shape and add tail.  For added security, attach head & tail with glue and/or piece of toothpick between pieces. 


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