Make This Cute Snowman

This step-by-step Snowman tutorial from Linda Peterson is a great classic. She wrote it as a polymer clay tutorial but the steps are almost identical when making with air-dry clay....except DON'T BAKE.

Here's a few tips for working with air-dry clay:

  1. Make all the body parts in advance and let them cure a bit so that they're easy to handle without getting misshapen. Don't forget to leave an indentation in the bottom of the head for the neck to fit into.
  2. You can pre-make the orange nose and glue cured nose to cured head or you can make a sticky-outy carrot nose around a (half) toothpick (leaving half-inch of toothpick exposed) and press it into the uncured head so that it will adhere without need for glue.
  3. Also make some tiny black eyes and buttons in advance and let them cure or, instead of making clay eyes, use black seed beads. 
  4. Glue all the joints together with white glue and, if necessary, reinforce joints with pieces of toothpick .
  5. Pre-tint clay with craft paint or gel colorant.
Video demo of same tutorial below.


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