Bookmice make a nice gift!

This cute (and useful) bookmark is a great little craft to make with the kids or a quick and easy gift for all your friends!

You'll never lose your place with these easy-to-make bookmarks!

Note:  The original polymer clay tutorial is from the National Wildlife Federation crafts page .   We have converted it for use with air-dry clay ...tutorial shown below.

What You Need:
  • Leather string (jewelry cord or shoelace)
  • brown, gray or tan air-dry-clay (enough for body & ears) 
  • black air-dry clay (for eyes and nose)
Makin's Clay, Hearty Clay and Model Magic are some of the air-dry clay brands that are available in colors but you may pre-tint other (white) air-dry clays using your craft paints.  Just add a little paint to a ball of clay and knead to mix evenly.   You may also send most air-dry clays thru a pasta machine to blend colors.  If your brand of clay is a very sticky type, it may not work so well in the pasta machine!  ;-)

Note: 'Delight Clay' is a very lightweight paperclay and would be great for these bookmarks.  'Das', 'Das Pronto' and a few other brands may be too heavy and not suitable for use as a bookmark.

What You Do:
1.  Cut a piece of leather string about 10 inches long. Tie a knot at one end.

2.   Mold a lump of clay around the knotted end of the string. Shape the clay into the form of a mouse's body, as shown. (large teardrop or gumdrop shape)    Use very small amounts of water to smooth surface if necessary.

3.  Add clay ears, eyes, and nose. Press them down firmly to the mouse's body so they won't fall off.   Add white glue if they refuse to stick.    Optional:  Two small black beads can be used for eyes.

4.  Set aside on a flat surface to dry!  It may take a day or two.   (Don't try to speed up drying, you may end up with cracks.)

That's it!  Now, put your bookmouse to use!

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