Cute Monster Keychains, Magnets or Brooches

Create these cute and comicial monster charms with a little Creative Paperclay and a lot of imagination.  Gather your found pieces of hardware and watch parts to give your monster that steampunk look!

For this easy, kid-friendly project, you will need:

  • a small amount of Creative Paperclay;
  • keychains, magnets or pin-backs (depending on what you'll be making);
  • some grommets and/or found hardware to embellish the monster's eye;
  • acrylic paints in your choice of colors

Round things work best to embellish the eye....look for gears, nuts, washers, buttons, snaps, grommets and beads. This is where you can use lots of imagination.

Here's one idea that just popped into my head:  Instead of using your found metal parts to create a steampunk style monster face, you could make it silly and cute using those inexpensive doll eyes for just one of the eyes and wink the other.  Use an eyeball that is out of scale or a strange color!  Do you have any eyes in your stash with one eyeball missing from the pair?  ;-)

Instructions for making these charms can be found on the Paperclay blog.  Tutorial includes a really good painting tip ... how to easily paint those dark facial accents!


  1. Hi, Mary:
    I'm the creator of the online shop The Monster Of My Heart. As I can see, you -or someone- have used my work as "inspiration" to make these skulls. I would have liked any notice or message about that. As it not happened, I'll be very gratefull if you include the URL of my shop as a thank.

    Here you can see a part of my artisan work:

    And this is my shop:

    Thank you very much.

  2. So cute and creative ♥

  3. The brooches is so lovely that everybody love it.

  4. These are great! We are going to talk about this post on our blog FUN with FASTENERS and I will of course link to your page! Very creative.

  5. I tried these and they came out so cute! Just by looking at them as I had no instructions of the size of your clay so I winged it! I tried to get the instruction but it was not found! Thanks for the cute idea and I agree with the monster of my heart, you should use her link -http://www.etsy.comthemonstorofmyheart

  6. Were can I find the directions on how to make???

  7. These are a great inspiration for some of our childrens activities! We used the basic idea and got the children to come up with their own monsters to make magnets! Thank you from the d.@rt Centre


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