Step-by-Step: 8-Petal CP Flowers

Here's a step-by-step demo for you to create some easy and attractive yellow flowers with Cold Porcelain paste.  Pages are excerpts from the Portuguese language "Biscuit" magazine.   No need to translate...the photos show each step clearly!

Materials needed:
cold porcelain paste (homemade, see some recipes here)
8 petal shape cutter
5 petal shape cutter
leaf cutter & veiner (or use real leaf to impress veins)
yellow, green & brown tints (paint or paste colorant)
wrapped floral wire (or regular wire & wrap with crepe paper)
green crepe paper to wrap wires, if needed
basic modeling tools
white glue

(click images to enlarge)

Cut a piece of wire for each leaf.  Wrap wire with crepe paper (if you haven't used the paper-wrapped floral wire). Apply glue to just below the stem and begin to wrap the crepe paper so that it is firmly attached.  Repeat for all flowers.

These flowers could also be made with Deco Clay, Makin's Clay or just about any air-dry clay!

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