Today's tutorial is a step-by-step demonstration of Hydrangea flowers from Petalsweet.   These flowers are being created from gumpaste, but many of the techniques and materials used for gumpaste may also be used with air-dry clay. With one exception! There's no need
to use edible materials! Regular white glue can be used instead of sugar glue and similar products.

The best no-bake clays to use for flower-making are the lightweight soft clays such as cold porcelain, DecoClay, Hearty Clay, Cloud Clay, Makin's Clay and Craft Porcelain.  Even Crayola Model Magic might work OK.  (Read more about the clays on our ADC Brands page.)

Hydrangea:   Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

If you don't have a leaf veiner, try using a real leaf from your yard to make vein impressions.

If you don't have any petal or leaf cutting tools, there's a few alternatives to the expensive shape cutters.  A few ideas for making flower cutters out of cardboard are shown in the video inserted below or you can try Rubina's method to cut and shape your own from aluminum.

Even easier....just buy an inexpensive set of gumpaste flower making tools such as this one sold by Wilton for less than $20.    Wilton 1907-117 Floral Collection 32-Piece Gum Paste Flower-Making Set
(includes leaf mold, 3 modeling tools, 24 plastic cutters for floral shapes & more)

Ideas for making your own flower cutters for free....

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