Paperclay Apple Ornaments

Amanda Marks ("Who Are You Calling Crafty") shows us how she made 130 apple ornaments using Creative Paperclay.   I think these are quite attractive and would be a perfect little item for those "extra" holiday gifts!  The
glossy finish she uses for her apples makes this ornament especially attractive... too bad
she doesn't tell us what product she used for the finish!

Tutorial includes both step-by-step photos and a video demo.  Most of the how-to information is shown in the step-by-step photos but be sure to also watch the video for some additional tips for punching holes, adding dimensional leaves, etc.  It's a long video ...over an hour.....and she frequently gets off-topic, but you can FF thru the first 2 minutes of silliness and other parts if it's taking too long!  *G*

Tips:   I'd recommend using a wire rack for drying a quantity of ornaments rather than layering them in a cardboard box (they'll probably dry more evenly).  I'd also sand the edges of the dimensional leaves before gluing to'd just be a lot easier to do them separately.  I'd probably also paint them separately.

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