Make a Cute Reindeer

Today we have a video demo showing you how to create a cute little reindeer with polymer clay.  But is suppose to be about air-dry clay, right?   It is.   This demo is a good one to use as an example of how to modify a polymer clay tutorial when using air dry clay.   The types of air-dry clays that work best for
this sort of project are the soft, pre-colored clays such as Makin's Clay, Hearty Clay, Cloud Clay, Model Magic or homemade cold porcelain.   Most of the other 'new' air-dry clays are available as 'white' only but could be used if pre-tinted in the colors needed.

Here's what I'd do differently than what's shown in the following video:
When working with air-dry clay, make the various parts the same way as shown for polymer clay, but let them dry (cure) a little before attaching or assembling.   Some white or tacky glue may be needed to securely attach.   I'd let pieces dry overnight. 

For example, create the antlers as shown and set them aside to dry before attaching to head.  It'll make the antlers much easier to handle and they won't get damaged or deformed when pressing them into the head (use glue to attach).   

The head itself can be worked with when soft or cured, that's your own preference.  If you want to let the head dry a while before attaching antlers, first poke a hole in the head where the antlers will go.  You can always drill a hole afterwards too.   Poke in the eyes before drying.

Create the legs in the same way.  Shape them as shown in the video but let them dry a while before attaching to body.  It will give them strength so weight of body won't cause his knees to buckle!  ;-)   It's also a good idea to insert a toothpick partway in legs (and partway in body) for added strength.   A little bit of glue will help too.

Any questions?    Just leave a comment and I'll answer as soon as I can.

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