Angry Bird Tutorial: Yellow Bird

Here's a tutorial showing us how to make one of the Angry Birds out of clay.   In this video, Cecilia shows us how to make the Yellow Bird out of polymer clay.   This is one of the best demonstrations I've seen for making the Angry Birds and, so, even though she's using polymer clay, that's why I'm featuring it here.   I'm going to make mine out of air-dry clay and you can too.

The only thing I'd do different than what's shown in the video (when using air-dry clay) is to let the black topknot and tail dry for a day before attaching them to body (with glue).  I'd form-fit the tail and topknot to the head, but remove & set aside to dry.  I find it easier to handle the tiny items after they're cured and gluing  gives a better bond than clay to clay.

Another thing you'll need to do is pre-tint the clay in the colors needed (unless you're using pre-colored clay) but, because we're working with air-dry clay, you won't need to bake it!   ;-)

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