Flop-Eared Bunny

Use air-dry clay to make this Flop-Eared Bunny.  This is a beginners tutorial and is suitable for many types of air-dry clays.   The softer clays are suggested, such as Makin's Clay, Hearty Clay, Model Magic, Cloud Clay and homemade cold porcelain.  This tutorial is kid-friendly and, with a little help, very young hands could make this bunny!

Materials Needed:
White air-dry clay or cold porcelain and a small amount of pink
Black beads can be used for eyes or a small amount of black clay.
Toothpicks and white glue

Step 1.   Roll 1 large white ball, 1 medium for head, 6 small balls for legs and ears plus 2 smaller balls for cheeks/muzzle and tail.  Roll 1 small pink nose...squeeze into triangle. Shape the body parts by looking at photo.   Keep parts from drying out by covering until ready to use.  If clay eyes are used, they will be easier to handle if set aside to dry a little before attaching to bunny.

Step 2.  Cut toothpick in half, insert partway into clay body and fasten head to the body using toothpick and a small amount of glue if needed.

Step 3.  Press the tail and front and back feet into place on the body.  Add a little glue at every step if clay parts are not readily sticking to each other.

Step 4.  After adding the paws, use clay tool or toothpick to create toe marks on the feet

Step 5. Add the ears to the head, press the cheeks onto the face, then attach the pink nose and black eyes.

Step 6.  Use a clay tool or a toothpick to create whisker holes & open mouth.

Let dry overnight.  Add a little blush powder to bunny's cheeks, if desired.

(tutorial inspired by a polymer clay tutorial seen at http://familyfun.go.com )

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