Sleeping Baby by Wilson Cabral

Today's demonstraton is from well-known clay artist Wilson Cabral. In this video he shows us, step by step, how to create the cute sleeping baby shown above using cold porcelain. Other soft air-dry clays would work as
well. Video narration is in Portuguese. If you don't understand the language, just "mute" the video while watching. Cabral clearly shows each step so that it can be understood in any language.  The same technique can be used to create the clown shown in photo below.

Only materials needed are the cold porcelain or other clay (white, flesh, baby blue & tiny bit of hair color), white glue, basic clay tools, toothpicks, blush and a little black paint or pen for drawing facial features.

You can shape the head, arms and body separately and assemble with a touch of white glue if they are too dry to readily stick together.  Toward end of video, it appears that Cabral has let some of the tiny pieces such as curls & pacifier, dry (harden) before attaching to head. That makes them less fragile and easier to handle.

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