"Lady": Make This Cocker Spaniel

Create this cute Cocker Spaniel from your choice of air-dry clay or cold porcelain.  Works best with the softer air-dry clays.   I think she looks like "Lady" from "Lady and the Tramp".  If you don't have pre-colored clay, you can pre-tint your clay with acrylic or oil paints or with gel food colorants.

The first row shows the creation of the head, body and hind legs.  They all start as a simple pear shape.
Next row takes a ball of white and flattens it to an oval to cover toes on each of the hind paws.  Mark little indents with a sculpting tool to indicate the 3 toes.  
The third row shows the creation of front paws.  They start as sort of a chicken drumstick shape.  Cover toes on each leg with white and mark the 3 toes.   Use white glue to attach to the body.

Next add a black nose.  Mark the mouth with clay tools and add a license tag.  Make another drumstick shape using a darker brown and flatten it to a dog ear shape.   Attach to head with white glue.

Make a couple of pink bows and glue above each ear.
Paint the eyes and blush the cheeks.

Don't forget to add a tail!

If you need more help to build this dog, 
refer to this Dalmatian puppy tutorial.

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