Make This Sleepy Puppy

Make this cute sleepy puppy with cold porcelain or other air-dry clay. Materials needed include:

Cold Porcelain (about 1 lb...500 gr)
Polystyrene or Styrofoam spheres No 4 and No 5  (1 for body and 1 for head)
Acrylic or oil paint to pre-tint white clay: Raw Sienna and Burnt Sienna
Sculpting tool & clay roller
Vinyl or water-based glue
Eye stickers (or paint the eyes)
Blushing powder  (pastels, scrapbooking powder or make-up)
Black permanent marker for "freckles"
Optional wood base
Acrylic paints for the wood base:  yellow and white
Acrylic paint to tint clay for "quilt buttons":  blue
This tutorial creates a fairly large clay figure and uses a pound of cold porcelain.  Compare size of puppy to adult hands shown in photo below.   If you want to make a smaller dog, start with smaller Styrofoam balls for body and head and make other body parts proportional. Less clay will be needed if size is reduced.

Text for tutorial is in Spanish.   If your browser doesn't automatically translate, you can translate by pasting URL of page into Google Translate.    However, the translation does not make it perfectly clear that the acrylic (or oil) paint is kneaded into clay to pre-tint before starting and that, after Step 7, the figure is left to dry (cure) before applying eyes and other details.  After body is cured the head, ears & tail are all glued on because clay will no longer stick to itself.  

  • It is sometimes beneficial when attaching parts with glue to also embed part of a toothpick to reinforce the join
  • When applying spots to cured puppy, it is helpful to soften a little of the Sienna clay with water to help it stick and well integrate into body.
  • Remember to make the spots all different sizes


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