Mario & Luigi, Step by Step

Create the video game character Mario in just a few easy steps!   Luigi would be done same way, just taller & slimmer!  ;-)

Update 2/16/2013:   This tutorial was initially found on a site other than the original (and some parts were missing).  With some research, the original tutorial was located which includes additional instructions for modeling the head.   Credit goes to  this Chinese site for this Mario tutorial.  Computerized translation doesn't work well with Chinese, so I've included a rough translation to English below the photos.    Please see original if you speak Chinese.

Materials needed:
Cold porcelain or air-dry clay pre-tinted to the following colors:  
white, fleshtone, black, brown, red, blue and small amount of yellow.
Round-ended clay tool
Knife tool
White glue
Styrofoam balls as armatures (optional)
  1. Using flesh colored clay, shape an oval head (you can use Styrofoam ball as armature)
  2. Gently pinch out some ears and use round tool to press indent into ear.
  3. Use flat tool to push open a mouth.  Insert a small amount of red clay into mouth.
  4. Add a large bulbous nose.   Use round tool to indent eye area.
  5. Add small amount of black clay into indentations for eyes.
  6. Add a moustache under nose with a small amount of brown clay.   Use knife to mark lines as shown in photo.
  7. Add a small amount of brown clay to each temple.  Use knife to make a few marks as shown in photo.
  8. Add some more brown clay to back of head and again make some lines to texture hair.
  9. Make a half round out of red clay that is appropriate size for the hat.   Place on head and push down in center to create soft hat shape shown.
  10.  Add brim with more red clay.
  11. Create the logo for the hat with a circle of white and small bits of red clay.   Use photo for example.  First make a white circle, add a small red oval, add small bits of white clay on top of red oval.  It should create the effect of the letter M.  Glue logo to front of hat.   (Tip:  Let dry first to keep from squishing logo.)
  12. For shoes, make 2 ovals of brown clay.
  13. Add a little white to your brown clay to make a light brown and shape a sole and heel for each shoe.
  14. Make a large red ball for body.  A Styrofoam ball can be used as armature to save on clay!
  15. Cover the bottom half of red ball with blue clay.
  16. Make 2 flattened strips of blue clay to use a straps for the pants and place on top as shown in photo.
  17. Place body on top of 2 brown shoes.   Glue where needed.
  18. Make 2 small circle of yellow for button on pants.   Roll out a small sheet and use a big straw or other circle cutter to cut the buttons.
  19. Roll 2 teardrop shapes for arms and attach to side of body with glue.
  20. Create hands (gloves) using 2 balls of white.  Shape into mitten shape with thumb and finger area.  Use knife to make marks indicating 3 fingers.   Refer to photo for example.
  21. Make 2 tiny circles of black and flatten onto gloves...or make separately and glue on after dried.
  22. For last step, glue head to body.   For reinforcement, add a section of toothpick connecting head and body.


Thank you very much for taking the time to comment! ;-)