Cute and Easy Doll Figurine Tutorial

Create this cute doll following the step-by-step photo tutorial shown below.  Supplies include air-dry-clay (softer brands would probably be best) or cold porcelain in your favorite shade of blue (overalls), pink (shirt), white (socks), brown (shoes & accents), fleshtone and hair color.  A dowel/skewer/toothpick is used to poke hole in shoes/socks for insertion of legs.  An extruder is used to press out worms of clay for hair.   A needle tool and a ball-ended tool are also used but not absolutely necessary.

Prepare the separate body parts shown in the first step, let dry then glue together.  Once assembled, add the straps, pockets, small hearts and other accents as shown.  Glue where necessary.  The head is made with a very simplified face, using the ball-ended tool to poke a round mouth shape.

This tutorial was found on Pinterest with no source or credits given other than the copyright of Ahlam Photography printed on image.  I'd love to credit the author.  Please let me know if this is yours!  ;-)

Note:  If browser doesn't enlarge photo tutorial to full size by simply clicking on it, try opening image in new window or new tab.  It should appear full size in new window.  Otherwise, save to hard drive to view larger.

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