How to Sculpt a Realistic Polar Bear

Learn how to sculpt this great little polar bear with this video from Mont Marte Joe, the enthusiastic host of an Australian TV show.  Demo contains a lot of great tips for modeling with air-dry clay, however it doesn't show how much kneading he did.  Although a lot of kneading is not required with air-dry clay like it is with polymer clay, some kneading will help condition the clay and prevent cracks.   Joe is using white Mont Marte Air Hardening Clay to sculpt his bear. That brand of clay is available in Australia and India and probably places in between.

I am not personally familiar with Mont Marte Air Hardening Clay, but based on how the clay appears to handle in the video and it's description as being a 'heavy' air-dry clay, I would guess this clay is very similar to DAS clay or Darwi Classic.  Another brand that may work well for this mostly traditional style of sculpting would be "Creative Paperclay".  Cold porcelain and many other brands of air-dry clay may also work well except for the very soft clays.  Really soft clays don't hold detail well and don't blend joins as well when applying water.  All you can do is experiment with your own favorites!

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