How To Use Face Push Mold

In the following video, talented clay artist Maureen Carlson shows us how to use her 3-inch face push molds using polymer clay, air-dry clay and other clay compounds.  Follow along as she shows you how to create a multitude of different faces by using simple sculpting techniques. The finishing details are added with acrylic paints. You can purchase Maureen's molds at  Sculpey and other companies also make push molds.



  1. What great job on fiqures I have tiny mold & didn't think of ways you did .Tell you been doing this a while & great at it..Thank's for showing us how done,,

  2. Amazing molds, great tutorials. A must have for your sculpting supplies. Love all their items, especially F11 & F12 small feet and hands, make life so much easier. Thanks very much for all your great items

  3. You're welcome, glad you enjoyed video. Maureen has shared some great tips for customizing push mold faces. As my arthritis gets worse and worse, using these molds is looking better and better. ;-)


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