Beginner Doll Tutorial, Part 1 of 5

This 5 part tutorial from Giovana Garcia creates the doll figure shown above.  Video demo is in Portuguese but, if you don't understand language, steps are clearly demonstrated without translation (mute sound).   Finished doll shown is a bit taller than your hand, from wrist to fingertips, but you can make it any size you want.   

Some unique techniques are shown, so this should be a fun project.
For part 1, legs and feet, you'll need:
  • cold porcelain or air dry clay in black, white and flesh
  • recycled toilet paper tube
  • wooden skewer or lollipop stick 
  • optional plastic, wood or clay base

Make legs and let dry before part 2.
  1. Create 2 black flattened ovals for shoes .
  2. With ball end tool, make impression for 'socks' to fit.   Fill impression with white.
  3. With flesh tone, roll 2 logs (about length of your finger).  Insert wooden skewer in center, letting a couple inches stick out of top and tiny amount at foot.
  4. Flatten small amount of white for sock.   Cut into rectangle to wrap around ankle.  
  5. Attach shoe to sock with glue.  Use knife to mark sock top elastic lines.
  6. Adjust shaping of shoe and add shoe strap.
  7. Make sure both legs match and set aside to cure a little.  Tape together as shown and prop up to dry.
  8. When hard enough to handle without damaging, attach a white ball at top of legs to hold legs together.  Shape into.underwear.
  9. Let cure completely.
  10. Sand bottom of shoes flat, if needed to stand correct.  Optional...glue to wood or plastic base.
  11. Form a cone from tissue paper core and attach as shown in video.  This is armature for dress.  In part 2 you'll need decorative napkin or lightweight fabric for dress...or just use solid color clay.


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  1. Hi, I'm new to using clay materials. Can you kindly suggest me if there is any clay material that hardens to stone hard when it comes in contact with water or some other chemical?


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