Beginner Doll Tutorial, Part 2 of 5

Today we have part 2 of a tutorial from Giovana Garcia showing us how to make a doll with cold porcelain. In part 2 we create the dress and add arms.  Go here for part one.

Video demo is in Portuguese but, if you don't understand language, steps are clearly demonstrated without translation (mute sound).   

For part 2 you'll need:
  • cold porcelain or air dry clay, white
  • decorative napkin or some thin fabric ...enough to decoupage clay circle  (or omit decoupaged pattern and use clay color of your choice) 

Rough translation of steps in video:

  1. Cover dress armature made in part 1 with a circle of clay.  First roll out a large piece of clay.  Then measure height of your dress armature and use plate of same radius to draw circle in clay.
  2. Peel napkin layers so you have only 1 ply.  Glue this to clay and roll smooth.  Thin white glue will work or a decoupage medium.  Same technique if you use fabric.
  3. Place clay circle CENTERED over cardboard cone and gently shape folds as shown. (A small tear at top of cone is not a problem.)   Prop it up to hold shape & let dry.
  4. Poke hole in center top for inserting head later.
  5. Next, make arms...see 2nd video below.  Optional: Make a tiny teddy bear, doll or ball to put in her hands.  (Note that she attaches arms of teddy AFTER gluing toy to doll's arms.)  Glue cured teddy to dress where arms will go.
  6. I think all the narration after this step is talking about the importance of a protective top coat on cured doll.
  7. When arms are partially dry (still flexible but safe to handle), add sleeves.  Roll slab of white clay flat, cut and apply sleeves as shown.  Glue arms to sides and position hands to hold teddy.  Glue in place.
  8. Add arms to teddy.
    If you have trouble with decoupage, refer to this detailed tutorial about decoupage on cold porcelain.
    Tomorrow we'll make her head.

    How to Make Arms

    How to Make Mini Bear


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