Floral Week: Carnation Tutorial

Let's continue our week full of flower tutorials with this great carnation tutorial from Marrietta in Russia.  She makes it look very easy!   It's a step by step photo tutorial with very little text (so translation not really necessary). 

If you want to translate Russian, type text or website address here:  translate.google.com/

You will need plenty of cold porcelain or a soft air dry clay pre-tinted color of your choice and some leaf green.   Also wire for stem, floral tape to wrap stems, white glue, tulip leaf cutter, veiner (or real leaf) and ruffled petal cutter.  A teardrop or rose petal cutter might make do if you can't find ruffled edge cutter shown in tutorial.  It's not mentioned but she likely used a ball end tool to thin and ruffle petal edges.  Scissors are used to make edges ragged.

Here's a source for some tools you may need.....


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