Floral Week: Tulip Tutorial

How to make tulips with thin, transparent petals (and simplified stamens). Tutorial by Antonina Melnichenko is in Russian.  Translate by typing text or website address here: translate.google.com/

Author says this master class is designed for those artists who already have some experience with cold porcelain or polymer clay.  Materials needed are:
  • Cold Porcelain or a soft air dry clay in flower color of your choice plus white, yellow, light green (for pistils), light green (for stem) and darker green (for leaves)
  • Floral wire 
  • Super glue or fast drying glue
  • Artificial pollen, corn meal, petal dust or actual harvested pollen
  • Plastic spoons (for shaping)
  • clay knife
  • ball tool, purchased or make with ball of clay on a stick
  • scissors, tweasers, pliers
  • tulip petal cutter & tulip leaf cutter
  • Veiner or actual leaf to texture veins
The author tinted and shaded cured tulips with oil paint.  This is optional.  You could also use acrylic paint, pastels, pigment powders or petal dust.

Here's a source for some tools you may need.....


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