Beginner Doll Tutorial, Part 3 of 5

The next step in the beginner doll tutorial from Giovana Garcia is to model the head.
You'll need:
A generous amount of cold porcelain or soft air dry clay that has been pre-tinted a fleshtone.
Optional Styrofoam ball a little smaller than finished head. 
Wooden skewer 
Modeling tools.
If you need to start at part 1, it is here.

Video demo is in Portuguese but, if you don't understand language, steps are clearly demonstrated without translation (mute sound).

Rough translation of steps in video:
  1. Model an egg shape with clay the approximate size of doll's head.  You can use a Styrofoam ball as armature to save on clay.  Take ball of clay same size as Styrofoam ball and wrap clay around ball.
  2. Lightly shape chin on narrow end of egg and determine what will be front of face.
  3. Indentations for eye sockets are about halfway down face.  Use finger to mark eyeline.  Look from all angles to make sure it's even on both sides.  Smooth cheek line.
  4. Pull and shape neck from clay in back of chin.  See video for placement.
  5. Insert length of wooden skewer into neck (used for attachment later).
  6. Compare your head shape & profile to video.  Reshape chin & re-mark eyeline if needed.  Smooth face with tiny bit of water.
  7. Repair any cracks in neck.
  8. Continue shaping eye line and forehead to improve profile.  
  9. Decide where mouth and nose will go.  Mouth is about halfway between eyes and chin.
  10. Use thumb to push clay up to create nose above where the mouth will go.
  11. Use modeling tools to further lift & shape nose as shown in video.
  12. Use knife tool to open mouth & other tools to shape lips as shown in video.
  13. Use thumbs to further shape chin and ball end tool to define dimples.
  14. Continue shaping mouth and nose til satisfied and then add ears (a small oval of clay for each).
  15. Dampen head for ear placement, which is centered in skull halfway between eyes and chin.  Use ball end tool to push ear into head and create ear shape at same time.
  16. Smooth out everything and set aside to dry (stick skewer into foam block).
  17. Tomorrow we'll paint the eyes.



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