Beginner Doll Tutorial, Part 4 of 5

The next step in the beginner doll tutorial from Giovana Garcia is to do some face painting.

You'll need:
  • cured head from part 3
  • acrylic paint
  • dotting tools
  • fine point brush
If you need to start at part 1, it is here.

Video demo is in Portuguese but, if you don't understand language, steps are clearly demonstrated without translation (mute sound).

Rough translation of steps in video:
  1. Paint flesh tone if not already tinted.
  2. Paint lips pink.
  3. Add blush to cheeks.
  4. Before painting eyes, artist cleans area with a bit of water on Q-tip.
  5. Use large dotting tool & white paint for eyes.  Let dry.
  6. Use smaller dotting tool to paint eye color.   Let dry.
  7. Use even smaller dotting tool to paint black pupil.   Let dry.
  8. Artist then demonstrates removing eye with wet Q-tip & cleaning area if error was made.  Important to let dry before re-painting.
  9. Paint lashes and brows with fine point brush
  10. Add white highlite to eye with smallest dot tool or toothpick.
Tomorrow is adding hair and final assembly.


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